Know Your Rights - Win the Fight Seminar

taught by Gary McHale

Course description

Know Your Rights - Win the Fight Seminar

Seminar include lunch

At Burlington Banquet Halls & Community Center

(Polish Community Center)

2316 Fairview Street, Burlington ON L7R 2E4

On Saturday May 27, 2017 – 10 am to 4:30 pm

Pre-order tickets: $60 or two for $100

Tickets at the door: $100 each

** This purchase option is for one ticket only at $60

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Seminar Topics

Can Government Agents enter your Property

without your Consent?

How to ensure you protect yourself and exercise your Rights?

How can tradesmen, truck drivers, architects conduct themselves both to protect property owners and themselves?

How to prevent Government Agents from conducting illegal searches on your property?

Class Action Lawsuit – Recover Your Lost Property Value

A local law firm will do a presentation on how you can be part of a large Class Action Lawsuit against Conservation Authorities who have directly affected the value of your property.

Contact if you have any questions.

Gary McHale
Gary McHale
Founder/President of CanACE Inc.

Gary has been successful, as a non-lawyer, at the highest courts in Ontario whereby he established the rights of all citizens to hold government officials accountable to the law. This resulted in several criminal charges against the highest ranking police officers in Ontario, including OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, for threatening elected officials and Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis on a charge of obstructing justice. Gary continues to fight for the average citizen who has been abused by authorities and denied fundamental justice.

Since 2006 Gary McHale has been unlawfully arrested and jailed 9 times and was prosecuted several times without a single conviction. He has helped dozens of property owners and represented 20 people at trial without anyone being found guilty. He has arrested trespassers and even arrested an uniformed OPP officer in front of other officers. He has won at all levels of courts in Ontario without being a lawyer or paralegal. His wins in court have become case law throughout Canada, in particular, in private prosecution of government officials.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation nominated Gary for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal for his work in upholding the rights of all citizens and for holding the government accountable. The medal was awarded to Gary in February 2013.

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