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Please see below a free download of the first few pages of this book including a introduction by Christie Blatchford of the National Post.


Canadians believe that racism, supported by the law, is a legacy of the South - the American South and South Africa. That’s history. But the ugliness of institutional racism, supported by the police and the provincial government, is alive and thriving in Southern Ontario. How much longer will we accept ugly racism staining this nation? The story of Caledonia is one that has been ignored by most of the media, to their shame. This story will anger you and it should provoke you to action.

• Jerry Agar - talk host on Newstalk1010 Toronto.

“Caledonia” will forever remain an icon of shame in the annals of Canadian justice. This book takes us behind the scenes, providing step-by-step insight into OPP operations, as they and their political masters consciously chose political correctness over the rule of law and the security of Canadian citizens. Gary McHale is the only player in this long, sordid drama to emerge with honour. He is a Canadian hero.

• Barbara Kay - Columnist for National Post and Postmedia Network.

Gary McHale
Gary McHale
Founder/President of CanACE Inc.

Gary has been successful, as a non-lawyer, at the highest courts in Ontario whereby he established the rights of all citizens to hold government officials accountable to the law. This resulted in several criminal charges against the highest ranking police officers in Ontario, including OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, for threatening elected officials and Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis on a charge of obstructing justice. Gary continues to fight for the average citizen who has been abused by authorities and denied fundamental justice.

Since 2006 Gary McHale has been unlawfully arrested and jailed 9 times and was prosecuted several times without a single conviction. He has helped dozens of property owners and represented 20 people at trial without anyone being found guilty. He has arrested trespassers and even arrested an uniformed OPP officer in front of other officers. He has won at all levels of courts in Ontario without being a lawyer or paralegal. His wins in court have become case law throughout Canada, in particular, in private prosecution of government officials.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation nominated Gary for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal for his work in upholding the rights of all citizens and for holding the government accountable. The medal was awarded to Gary in February 2013.

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